Our factory is built on a land of 8800 m² and operates in 2
sections in a closed area of 9500 m², 2500 m² of which is the
management technical offices and 7000 m² of which is the
production unit. The administrative building consists of
secretariat, management offices, technical offices, design
offices, meeting room, seminar hall, accounting, R&D,
corporate follow-up units, and the production department with
its 250 m² showroom consists of aluminum joinery processing,
cnc, digital printing, foil application, aluminum, composite,
sheet metal workshops, plexiglass, press, bending, electrostatic,
and wet paint converter and overhead crane production units.

The high-end technology machines and equipment used in the
sector are used in our company.

Aluminum and Industrial Advertising will proceed to
spring to life in the professional hands of Koro A.S.

Koro A.S. carries on its works with the seriousness of its responsibility in the
restructuring process of our country along with its strong staff getting in tune
with today’s technology with 40-year experience.

It has reached a broader and more professional structure with the
projects it has completed at home and abroad, and today it has
become a corporate and large company. It also increases its
competence and capacity through each new project involved in the

It carries on its activities with Marketing, Technical, Project, Manufacturing, Assembly,
Quality Control, Finance and Accounting Departments that are acknowledged experts. The
quality of our products and services originates from the quality of our employees.