Aluminum joinery systems are offered in a wide variety of alternatives in line with architectural requests and guided by static and thermal calculations. applicable. Aluminum joinery is fixed, It can be designed as double-single opening wing, internal-external pivot, folding, sliding, pulling slide, lifting slide and can be preferred as anodized or static painted. The isolation between the wing and frame profiles is provided by EPDM wicks. The profiles used in the system are thin and thick sections. and can be chosen according to the conditions.
Sliding systems used to prevent loss of space in the event of wing opening, lift-slide systems with more successful insulation compared to these, etc. All kinds of applications that allow various expansions can be realized in line with architectural concerns and static calculations. Various automation options can be adapted to these systems and remote control, time module, automatic expansion options can also be adapted.


In today’s conditions, the security of our buildings against the increasing danger and threat elements; primarily limited to the security of our doors, windows and curtain walls. remains. When we want to increase the level of security and at the same time enjoy all the advantages of aluminum, bulletproof aluminum joinery meets all these needs. It provides a wide range of protection from gun attacks to G-3 machine gun attacks with its armor profiles made of very hard aluminum alloy with a hard anodized surface.



Fire resistant joinery systems are transparent glass partitions of fireproof escape routes, fireproof sections and fire exits designed according to the fire scenario to be created in accordance with the fire regulations in the building. enables it to be formed. These systems, which increase the fire safety of building users and surrounding buildings, adds value. • It provides safe evacuation of building users from the building in 30 or 60 minutes. • Protects building users from fire with limited temperature rise for 30 or 60 minutes. • It provides fire resistance for 30 or 60 minutes inside and outside the building.
The healthcare industry has a valuable and important role in our society. Sapa system buildings are the most important places for doctors, nurses and other health personnel who have vital duties. aimed to provide a hygienic environment. We develop the desired solutions in the most appropriate way to the needs of our customers. Hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes, laboratories, medical centers, where comfort, hygiene and a nature-friendly quality environment are important for medical personnel and patients in the health sector. We provide suitable solutions according to the requests of research centers and other organizations.