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Your projects and investments continue to come to life in the professional hands of Koro A.Ş.

About Us

Our company has taken its first steps by making a new start in the light of its 40 years of experience.

Taking its name from the gathering of many experienced colleagues, it carries out its activities with a strong, disciplined, successful and pluralistic management approach.

In order to ensure the continuity and increase of quality, Koro Academy provides business training and meets the need for qualified personnel.

Our company, which receives support from technoparks, universities and professional consultants in order to follow the developments in the field of R&D and innovation; It develops this department by using technological machinery with the budget it allocates to the R&D and innovation department.

Our production and management areas produce their own domestic water support and electricity by making use of daylight.

In addition to these, our facility has become the leading production facility in its sector with its investments in waste management principles.

Our company continues to work by producing with a process management plan, quality, trust and customer sensitivity; It is an organization that does not produce much, but produces quality, environmental and human-oriented production.

Facilities and team

Our factory is established on a land of 8800 m² and operates in 2 sections in a closed area of ​​9500 m² in total, of which 2500 m² is management technical offices, 7000 m² is production. Management building, secretariat, management offices, technical offices, design offices, meeting room, seminar hall, accounting, R&D, corporate follow-up units and production department with 250 m² showroom aluminum joinery processing, cnc, digital printing, foil application, aluminum, It consists of composite, sheet metal workshops, plexiglass, press, bending, electrostatic and wet paint converters and production units with ceiling cranes. In our company, the latest technology machines and equipment used in the sector are used.