Aluminum Composite Sheets are used on the exterior of buildings and structure developed for use in interior spaces is the material. In addition to standard production dimensions Optional special dimensions, painted surface, high strength covered with protection film, and high fire Also available in strength class. Composite sheet generally; outer surface 0.5 mm thick high-strength lumiflon-based fluorocarbon painted aluminum sheet, spacer 3 mm “Fire resistant (non-flammable)” special mineral filler/core, Internal level 0.50 mm thick service It consists of painted aluminum sheet.
Ceramic Systems; on the deaf facades of buildings After providing heat insulation, the sub-carrier of the system and applied with aluminum construction. Carrier profiles, with special alloy aluminum anchor elements identified in the structure. In this system, the preferred ceramic or granite modules, clip-on or slotted to aluminum sub-carrier construction as a system is connected.